Climate Science Lab Alumni

Bradley Barger, M.S. (Geography), "The Influence of Local Sea Ice and Remote Northern Hemisphere Teleconnections on Cyclones in Baffin Bay, Davis Strait, and Labrador Sea," 2016-2020. Position: Physical Science Technician, USDA.

Ellen Bartow-Gillies, M.S. (Geography), "Glacial-interglacial climate variability in the North American Southern Great Plains from stable isotopes in a Texas stalagmite," 2016-2018. Position: NOAA Coastal Management Fellow, Maine Coastal Program.

Nicole Casamassina, M.S. (Geography), "Estimating Losses from Hurricane Harvey Using FEMA's HAZUS-MH Model," 2017-2019. Position: Hydrologist, USGS.

Liang Chen, Ph.D. (Geography), "The impacts of land cover change on climate over China," 2011-2015. Position: Postdoctoral Scientist, Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Interactions (COLA), George Mason University.

Hannah Durick, M.S. (Geography), "Application of circuit theory for investigating drivers of elephant movements in Namibia," 2015-2018. Position: student, University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Trent Ford, Ph.D. (Geography), "Soil moisture impacts on convective precipitation in Oklahoma," 2013-2015. Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Resources, Southern Illinois University.

Srinivasan Ganesh, M.S. (Geography), "Use of satellite-based vegetation indices as indicators of drought," 2005-2007. Position: Institute of Information Technology, Magnolia, TX.

Manuel Hernandez, M.S. (Geography), "Assessment of statistically downscaled CMIP5 simulations of the North American Monsoon System," 2011-2015. Position: Ph.D. student, Department of Geography, University of North Carolina.

Christopher Labosier, Ph.D. (Geography), "Pyrogeography of the Southeast USA: exploring the relationships between wildfire and climate," 2009-2014. Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Longwood University.

Chris Maderia, M.S. (Geography), "Importance of tree species and precipitation for modeling hurricane-induced power outages," 2012-2015. Position: GIS Professional, Dewberry.

Lei Meng, Ph.D. (Geography), "Examining the relationship between fall/spring soil moisture and summer precipitation in the northern Great Plains," 2006-2009. Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Western Michigan University.

Mlenge Mgendi, Ph.D. (Geography), "An ecological analysis of the impact of weather, land cover, and politics on childhood pneumonia in Tanzania," 2008-2012. Position: Disaster Management Training Center, Ardhi University (Tanzania).

Kelci Miller, M.S. (Geography), "Characterization of water column chemistry of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands," 2015-2018. Position: high school teacher, Austin Achieve Public Schools.

Leslye Mohon, M.S. (Geography), "Validating annual growth bands of deep-sea black coral and calculating ocean reservoir ages from the Gulf of Mexico and Southeastern United States," 2012-2014. Position: Environmental Analyst, City of Dallas, Dallas, TX.

Sandeep Patil, M.S. (Water Management and Hydrologic Science), "Analysis of spatial performance of meteororlogical drought indices," 2009-2012. Position: Shell, Houston, TX.

Laura Quirk, M.S. (Geography), "Assessing the predictability of the Beaufort Sea minimum ice extent in a changing Arctic climate regime," 2012-2014. Position: Environmental Assessment Specialist, Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, IL.

Michelle Ruiz, M.S. (Geography), "Assessment of the Potential Effect of Climate Change on Hurricane Risk and Vulnerability in Florida," 2011-2014.

Natalie Teale, M.S. (Geography), "Hydroclimatic conditions associated with rapid flooding in watersheds of the New York City water supply system," 2013-2015. Position: Ph.D. student, Department of Geography, Rutgers University.

Liyan Tian, Ph.D. (Geography), "Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Variations of Drought in Oklahoma," 2014-2017.

Anna (Nordfelt) Treviño, M.S. (Geography), "Anthropogenic modification of precipitation around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex," 2006-2008. Position: Ph.D. student, Geography and Anthropology, Louisiana State University.

Yue Wang, M.S. (Geography), "The effect of teleconnections on North Atlantic tropical cyclone precipitation," 2012-2015.

Shanshui Yuan, Ph.D. (Geography), "Assessment of multiple approaches for using soil moisture to evaluate drought in the U.S. Great Plains," 2011-2016. Position: Postdoctoral Scientist, Department of Geography, Ohio State University.

Laiyin Zhu, Ph.D. (Geography), "Investigation of variations and impacts of tropical cyclone precipitation in Texas (1950-2009)," 2008-2013. Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Western Michigan University.