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For our M.S. degree, a minimum of 32 credit hours of approved courses and research are required. Of these 32 hours, 6 hours can be GEOG 691 (research), and 3 hours can be GEOG 685. You can also take up to 9 hours of advanced undergraduate (300, 400) courses.

For our Ph.D. degree, a minimum of 36 credit hours of approved courses are required, with an additional 28 hours of GEOG 691 (research). Students transitioning from our M.S. program directly to the Ph.D. can take up to 37 hours of GEOG 691 (research).

For sample degree plans and climatology course offerings, please see the Courses link. The complete graduate policy manual can be found here.

For more information on Texas A&M University's academic programs, please see the Texas A&M Catalogs.

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